Tuesday, 28 August 2012

HW2 Emerging Technologies

Answer Engines

It is the existence of powerful search engines which have made the web so useful. However, finding answers to questions via search engines is a lot less predictable than the older habit of looking up an encyclopaedia. For this reason, 'answer engines' were created. These are like online encyclopaedias which deliver only a few answers but are detailed, usually accurate and useful when you now what you are looking for. However there are other free services using a peer-to-peer approach. One of these  is Wikipedia. If you are an expert in a field, you can submit an article others will check before it is added to the site. Wikipedia is available in over 0 languages. Because it is so open, sometimes material is not as reliable or authoritative as it should be, so it is wise to check before using it.


1. Why might a printed encyclopaedia be considered more reliable than Wikipedia? In what way might it be less reliable?

2. Use Wikipedia to research the topics from this chapter
a) Internet Protocol
b) Firewall
c) Cookie
Write a paragraph on each, reporting on how reliable you believe the information is and why?

3. Use a search engine to find out about the same three topics. Which method is faster? Which gave the most information? Which method was more accurate?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Internet Uses

Monday, 20 August 2012

Uses of the Internet

Uses of the Internet

Above, are the basic uses of the internet. 
I believe the internet is mostly used for entertainment and communication.

Uses of the Internet- Brainstorm

  These are just a few reasons why I use the Internet for.  I use it most for Research and Communication

Uses of the Internet- Brainstorm

These are the things I use the internet for, I use the internet most to communicate and entertain. I spend most of my time when on the internet using Facebook and YouTube.

Use of Internet ( CK)

HW1 What is the internet?

Below is an animated exlanation of the internet. Click play to watch (and listen). After watching, answer the following questions;

Describe the internet in your own words.

What is the function of a web browser?

What is a packet?

How are packets sent when on the internet?

History of the Internet

heyy how you love it xoxoxo

History of the Internet

Uses Of Internet (sd)

How the internet is used in our everyday lives

Above is a mind map of how the internet is used in our everyday lives.

uses of the internet

Mindmap - Uses of the Internet

Here are some examples on how the internet is being used by people today

History of the Internet

Below is my prezi on the history of the internet. The information that I found most interesting is how the growth of Facebook as increased over the years.

History of the Internet- Presentation

Internet Timeline !

History of the Internet - Presentation

Different uses of the internet.

There are many ways that the internet can be used, here are some of the uses.

Development of the Internet Prezi

Above is my prezi on the Development of the Internet. Some of the facts I found were quite interesting: For example, the Queen sent her first email in 1976

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